London’s Top 7 Best Beers

In the last 20 years, London has seen amazing growth in its brewing business from just two breweries in the late 90s to more than fifty right now. Virtually all of these new businesses are small, independent and produce high-quality, exciting styles of beer – a strategy to brewing which has been given the catch-all moniker ‘craft’. Taking their lead from the craft-brewing business that skyrocketed in the United States in the early nineties, these companies are eschewing the large-scale market to appeal directly to critical beer enthusiasts. Here is a definitive guide to drinking your ways around London’s brew scene.

Lowlander – A great London Beer

This particular Belgian bar is the mecca for lovers of foreign beers. The bar is stocked high with a wide range of various beers from all over the globe including a good collection of wheat and fruit beers, if you fancy for something slightly different.

Ye Old Mitre – Best London Beer in a Great Pub

This spot is a bit of a secret – and all the best for it. It’s a beautiful pub with an interesting history (it is still owned by the Cambridgeshire law enforcement)… and clearly, great beer.

The Rake

Managed by Utobeer, who sell foreign beer in Borough Market, the range of beer from around the globe at this pub is simply fabulous – 130 bottled beers and 2 pumping systems that have different beers each day. High-priced, but well worth it.

Market Porter

May often be a bit crowded as people chill after a day of looking around (or working at) Borough Market, but it really is worth finding an empty corner. It has got a terrific Real Ale section, such as Barnsley Gold, Kelham Island Pale Rider and Titanic New World.

The Old Coffee House

When you’re just getting started, this Beak Street boozer may seem identical to its Soho competitors. Its 18th-century interior is furnished with tourist-titillating vintage tat. Almost inaudibly, pop and R&B music nag on in the background while, on a single wall, a muted TV relays the Sky Sport News headlines. Nevertheless, it has 1 crucial thing going in its favor: it is run by Brodie’s. The Leyton microbrewery is one of the capital’s most advanced breweries and the Coffee House highlights a large range of their fine beers.

The Queen’s Head

Situated on a peaceful residential street near King’s Cross, the hops and pump clips that enhance this Victorian boozer serve notice of its dedication to good beer. Three cask pumping systems will please the Camra purists, while the keg lines offer rather a lot more unique beers. The “ever-expanding bottle list” is similarly strange and excellent, taking in, as it does, smoked porters, oatmeal stouts, black IPAs and saisons, from the likes of London’s 5 Points and Brew By Numbers, as well US trend-setters Brooklyn and Redhook.

Why to Drink Craft Beer on a London Brewery Tour

There is a lot of great reasons to drink craft beer, but beer is frequently seen as a inexpensive drink, a beverage just to poor straight down your throat and get you intoxicated.  At least, that is what we happened to be taught in school… So indeed, getting slight tipsy is a single good reason to drink beer, but with countless great craft beers out there, there is a lot more reasons to drink beer, particularly a delicious micro brew.  Macro brewed beers serve a purpose, yes, but a good, perfectly crafted micro brewed or craft beer has a thoughtfulness to it that simply cannot compare.

A London Brewery Tour will Educate you on Taste

Craft beer tastes much better! The number 1 reason why you should reach for a craft beer as an alternative to the watery swill we are used to is simply because craft beer just tastes a lot better. The professional brewers behind craft breweries are not worried about lowering calories, trying to keep costs and ingredient inputs low, or massive marketing and advertising campaigns. Their focus is on taste, high quality, and invention.

Health Benefits Explained on a London Brewery Tour

Health benefits! Wine is not the only alcohol beverage that offers health benefits! Craft beer contains antioxidants which might help to prevent heart disease. The great ingredient in beer, hops, contains polyphenols which assist to lower cholesterol and combat certain types of cancer, and kill viruses. Craft beers typically contain about thirty times more hops compared to mass produced beer!

Alcohol Strength

Much more alcohol! I am not promoting getting hammered, but I can say that craft beers usually pack a bigger punch than “big beers” like Coors and Budweiser. Contrast: Miller Genuine Draft Light is 2.5% alcohol, although most craft beers vary from 5%-10% and even up to 15%! It will take several Millers to get the same impact as 1 or 2 craft beers. When you’re drinking stronger, more tasty craft beer you will not feel the need to consume beer after beer, that will keep your tab and number of bathroom trips low.

Alternatives! You do not have to subject yourself to mainstream brands only! You have choices! There are plenty of craft breweries in the country. There is a variety of different flavors and experiences beyond the beer aisle. Every single craft brewery produces their beers in their very own way with their own exclusive recipes and numerous release specialized seasonal brews, that means that you have hundreds of craft beers to taste ahead of you!

London Brewery Tour

Not so expensive!  The price per drinking session can be a lot lower if you drink craft beer.  So you’re going out with your pals for some drinks and you’re drinking “beer water” again.  More than likely you are going to drink 3-6 “beer waters” in one drinking session.  Unfortunately, many individuals will drink even more “beer water” than that.  More than likely, the bar is charging you $3.00-$5.00 per bottle of “beer water.”  So at the end of your drinking session you have been billed anywhere from $12-$30 for your “beer waters” and that does not include tip.  If you include a tip, you might be paying more than $30 for a six-pack of weak, flavorless alcohol!  That is absurd!